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Kamille on Bailey & Ylona: Wala sa kanila ang katangian ng Big Winner at makasali sa Big 4
On PBB 737, it began to rain hard while Bailey and Ylona were staying in the garden. Hence, Jimboy, Enchong and Kenzo helped them build better forts by sending them materials.

Later, Big Brother gathered Kenzo, Kamille, Jimboy and Franco to ask them about who they want to stay inside the house. They replied, Jimboy and Kenzo.

At the same time, Big Brother also asked Bailey and Ylona about the two housemates they want to leave the house.

The two then decided that it will be Kamille and Kenzo. Ylona explained why, “We chose these two people to leave because sometimes, this person could be just a little bossy. Sometimes this person could be just a little bit of a hypocrite and sometimes, with the words they say, they don’t know how much that could hurt someone. Sometimes with the words they say, they might not be sincere about it.”

Understanding their decision, Kenzo said, “Alam ko naman pong hindi naging madali ‘yun lalo na po para kay Bailey at Ylona.”

Furthermore, he shared that he is happy for the two, “Gustong gusto ko pa pong tumagal pero happy na happy po ako for Bailey and Ylona kasi in the first place, hindi naman po nila pipindutin yung buzzer kung hindi po nila tingin na deserving sila.”

Kenzo also admired them for being able to make such a difficult decision at a young age. He said that the number one thing he learned was to become understanding, that he will remain positive despite the results.  
However, this decision disappointed Kamille who said that she doesn’t deserve it, “Ang layo po ng pagkakaiba namin dun sa napalit sa’min. Sobrang layo po ng pagkakaiba.”

She later said that Bailey and Ylona do not have consistency as she and Kenzo were already voted to become part of the Big 4, adding that they know in themselves who really are deserving to win.

Kamille also commented at how Ylona was hesitant and was not able to look at them straight when they’ve made their decision, “Kanina takot na takot po siyang magsabi ng pangalan namin. Dapat hindi. Pinagdesisyunan niyo yun eh. Dapat stand for it. Hindi yung, ‘I can’t do it’, nakakainis lang po.” She then added, “Tapos nagsasalita sila, nakayuko, hindi sila makatingin ng diretso samin… Parang hindi ka sincere. Parang pagiging ano po yun eh, plastic.

Kamille said that neither Ylona nor Bailey has the quality to become part of the Big 4 and become the Big Winner, “Sorry po sa kanilang dalawa pero para sa akin po talaga, wala sa kanilang dalawa ‘yung katangian ng Big Winner at saka makasali doon sa Big 4.”

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