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Kamille gets emotional while talking to her boyfriend
Upon seeing that her boyfriend Justin Eugenio was calling on the TV screen, Kamille rushed to the confession room and unhesitatingly expressed her desire to answer his call even if it will cost one battery in the big tablet.

Consequently, Kamille cried upon hearing Justin’s voice. She also asked him about their daughter, Aneeka, to which Justin said that she is being taken care of. Kamille said that she misses the both of them so much.

As they come to the end of their conversation, Kamille said, “I love you” to Justin who said, “I love you too” back.

After the phone call, Kamille told Big Brother that she is very happy and that the conversation made her realize her mistakes inside the house.

As seen on PBB 737’s previous episodes, Kamille has gotten close to fellow housemate Kenzo which seemed to have confused her feelings.

Watch Kamille’s conversation with her boyfriend here.