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Kamille becomes emotional because she misses her baby
"Araw-araw nahihirapan ako," Kamille tells Ryan, while wiping tears from her face, inside the girls' bedroom.

"Ate lahat ng ito may dahilan, para ito sa baby mo," Ryan says, trying to pacify her.

Ryan also tells Kamille that his sister went through the same thing she has so somehow he can relate to her situation.

He encouraged her to think of happy thoughts and how their lives will fare better once they exit the PBB house.

"Dapat tapusin ang misyon na 'to," he says firmly.

Kamille also shares to Ryan how she's adamant to tell all the housemates her story.

"Takot din ako magkwento sa inyo, mag-iiba tingin niyo sa kin."

Their conversation was halted when Kyle enters and asks them to join their weekly task practice.

Kamille could not stop the tears however, and all Ryan could do was give her a hug.