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Jyo leaves Big Brother’s house
As aired during the Wednesday episode of PBB 737, September 2, Jyo decided to voluntarily exit Big Brother’s house through the help of coin flipping.

Last night, September 3, the time has come for Jyo to leave the house. Big Brother told him that he has to tell the male housemates about his voluntary exit for they will help him leave the house. They must not let the female housemates know about this.

Jyo got emotional while Big Brother is giving him words of wisdom. He asked Big Brother if this will be the last time that they will get to talk to each other as Big Brother became like a father to him already. Big Brother said that he also treated him like a son which is why he gave him time to think about his decision to voluntarily exit.

Reminding Jyo to trust himself whenever he makes decisions, Big Brother said that he trusts in him.

Nonetheless, the second eviction night for the regular housemates continues on Friday, September 4, and so as the voting for nominees Philip, Margo and Dawn.

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