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"It's so hard to drink capsule!"
Ryan mentioned drinking vitamin C which reminded Barbie to drink her iron supplement too. However, Barbie revealed she always has a hard time drinking medicine so the housemates tried to help her out.

Kamille first attempted to help Barbie but she ended up vomiting the medicine. "It's so hard to drink capsule!" Franco said, making the housemates laugh.

Next Barbie attempted to eat a banana to help her swallow but still to no avail.

Her last attempt was to eat a spoonful of sugar and the others exclaimed she can acquire diabetes with the amount of sugar she swallowed.

She later related that when she was younger medicine was injected to her so she's not really used to swallowing any tablet or capsule.

Bailey then took some vitamin c tablets and drank it in one gulp in front of Barbie just to show her how easy it is for him to drink medicine.