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It’s Ryan and Ylona’s turn to discuss relationship issues
Ryan and Ylona sat in the hanging chair by the poolside to discuss their thoughts about their housemates.

Ryan told Ylona that he thinks Barbie has or had a crush on Kenzo. He noticed that while everyone calls him “Kuya Kenzo,” Barbie just calls him “Kenzo.”

Ylona then aired her concerns about Franco’s flirting when he already has a girlfriend. Seemingly in reference to Franco, Ryan talked about a friend of his who was not necessarily good-looking but had a cool vibe and was able to get a girlfriend.

Ylona also expressed her thoughts about dancing in front of other people. She admitted that she doesn’t like dancing in front of the others because she’s not comfortable about her body.

The conversation was cut short when Ryan was called to the confession room. One can only wonder what other revelations would have been made otherwise.