Is Kamille jealous of Kenzo’s ex-girlfriend?

On PBB 737, the housemates were divided into two teams again.

Jimboy, Kenzo, Zonia and Kamille belonged to one team while Ylona, Bailey, Franco and Kyle belonged to another.

As per the task, the two teams had a heated rap battle where Ylona’s team won. Hence, Big Brother gave them the chance to use the musical instruments inside the house first so they can rehearse for their performance task.

But before that, they received a CD containing song requests from their loved ones. In the end, Ylona’s team chose to perform the request of Bailey’s mother, I Wanna Grow Old With You.

Meanwhile, the other team also received a CD with song requests when it was their turn to rehearse. Kenzo got surprised, along with his team mates, when he heard his ex-girlfriend’s voice. She asked for the song, Waves because it was a memorable song for the two of them. Kenzo then chose her song request for his group. 

This made Kamille curious about the girl, admitting that she was slightly jealous.

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