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Housemates voted Franco as their Big Winner in a pretend Big Night
The housemates had a pretend Big Night where celebrity house guest Enchong was tasked to create a script and host the imaginary event.

Big Brother had the housemates vote for their Big 4 and it was later announced during the pretend Big Night that Jimboy, Franco, Kenzo and Kamille each secured a spot.

Announcing the rankings of the Big 4, Kenzo was 4th placer, Kamille was 3rd while Jimboy came in 2nd. It was Franco who was declared the housemates’ Big Winner.

Eventually, the housemates’ voting process was shown, revealing that Franco got 4 votes to become Big Winner, among others.  

Despite not winning, Ylona said that she is proud of herself for what she has achieved while Bailey felt sad that he was not able to secure a spot in the housemates’ Big 4.

And, because the two of them did not win, they were asked to live in the garden outside Big Brother’s house. Ylona and Bailey gathered all the supplies that they will need in their designated area in 7 minutes and 37 seconds, and later built forts to sleep in.   

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