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Housemates show off their talents
The housemates displayed their talents as they rehearsed for their performance.

Ailah did the intro and played the glockenspiel (a type of xylophone). Franco played the flute and the beatbox. Kenzo strummed the guitar.

Jimboy displayed his rapid rapping skills while Kyle showed that he could rap as well. Ylona had a solo singing part while Ryan danced,

Kuya gave them their task for the week. The housemates need to put on a performance showcasing their talents. At the end of the week, they need to perform for him for exactly seven minutes and 37 seconds without the use of a timer to check on the length of their number. They have three chances to make the seven minute and 37-second cut off or else they will fail.

Kyle tried to rally the housemates into rehearsing and doing their best to meet Kuya’s requirements. Only time can tell if the housemates will succeed in their task.