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Housemates accomplish concert, team with most trending performances will win task
The teen housemates finally held their Big-Ating Concert last Friday night, July 24. Their audience members were former housemates of Big Brother’s house.

The Dream Team (composed of leader Ylona, Bailey, Franco and Kyle) and PBB 737 Brothers & Sisters (composed of leader Jimboy, Kenzo, Kamille and Zonia) performed three production numbers each. Each production number came with a unique hashtag that TV viewers can use to make the specific performance trend online. The team with the most trending performances will win this week’s task.

The Dream Team performed first with the hashtag, #PBBDT1LT. Ylona sang Ariana Grande’s One Last Time while the boys danced.

PBB 737 Brothers & Sisters then followed suit with their first performance, using the hashtag, #PBBSKKDance. Kamille performed Zedd’s I Want You To Know while the rest showed off their dancing skills.

Ylona’s team returned with #DreamTeamGrowsOldWithYou. Franco showed his talent in playing different musical instruments such as the flute and guitar. Bailey, Ylona and Kyle developed their own harmony in singing, I Wanna Grow Old With You.

When it was the team of Jimboy’s turn to perform, Kenzo played the guitar and sang, Waves. With the hashtag, #PBBSWaves, Kamille, Zonia and Jimboy joined their team mate in singing.

Meanwhile, The Dream Team showed how musically inclined they are with their third performance, the #AlwaysDreamTeam. While playing various musical instruments, the group performed a special song number.

The PBB 737 Brothers & Sisters, on the other hand, showed how multi-talented they are with the production number, #PBBSMangBerto. Kenzo and Jimboy sang the latter’s originally composed song while Kamille and Zonia dramatized its essence. Jimboy also showed his rapping prowess.  
Altogether, the two teams joined together in performing Ylona and Kenzo’s originally composed song, #PBB737WinTheFight.

To know the results of this Big-Ating Concert, keep on watching, PBB 737 Gold, weekdays at 4 PM and Pinoy Big Brother 737, weeknights at 10 PM and on weekends at 9:45 PM.