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Enchong wins Pachinko game through the help of the housemates and Bea Alonzo
In order for Enchong to finish his “E-toy” task and be able to move freely, he has to win a Japanese game of Pachinko where he has to catch small balls to fill a heart-shaped container through the housemates’ help.

Enchong who was growing tired of raising his arms, suddenly heard a female voice singing, Chinito. This quickly changed his mood as he began to sing along happily with the voice, even thanking the mysterious singer.

Turns out, the voice came from his close friend, actress Bea Alonzo who eventually revealed herself by visiting him inside Big Brother’s house. Enchong felt very happy.

In a conversation with Big Brother, Bea said that she and Enchong have been friends for years now. She also shared that she considers Enchong as her brother and that she already misses him.

Meanwhile, Jimboy felt kilig after he had the chance to tour Bea around the house while holding her hand. On the other hand, the rest of the boys seemed speechless upon seeing the actress.

In the end, Enchong won the Pachinko task through the help of the housemates and Bea.

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