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Enchong Dee to Kuya: ‘Sira ulo ka’
On Pinoy Big Brother 737, Celebrity houseguest Enchong Dee was given the chance to listen to his brother AJ Dee before he migrates to Oslo, Norway.

Enchong, who was still playing Itoy the robot that time, could only hear AJ through Franco. Franco, who heard AJ’s voice through an earpiece, repeated AJ’s messages to Enchong. In his one-way talk with Enchong, AJ said how proud he is of his brother. “Bilib na bailib ako sac’yo bro, lalo na sa mga bagay na gusto mong marating.” AJ underscored Enchong’s determination, saying that Enchong always sets out to achieve whatever he wants.

AJ also told Enchong, “Bisitahin mo ako. Ikaw na muna bahala kala Mama at Papa at sa mga kapatid natin.” He also advised his brother to brave challenges and not to take notice of naysayers. Before he ended his talk with his brother, AJ hugged Enchong through Franco and said, “Mahal na mahal kita. Sana may madalas tayong ganitong usapan.”

In the confession room, Enchong told Kuya, “Naasar ako.” Enchong explained that he’s not used to being vulnerable in front of people he just met. He also told Kuya, “Sira ulo ka kasi hindi naman talaga ako umiiyak e. Pinaiyak mo ako.”

Kuya assured Enchong that it is okay to cry sometimes. He also told Enchong he is worried because he is not used to a mopey Enchong. Kuya said that other celebrity hosts who were guests at Kuya’s house went through the same thing. They were emotional in the beginning, but had fun once they let go of their worries.

Enchong left the confession room with restored good humor and began making the housemates laugh.