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Cooking lesson fail for Jimboy
Kyle took on the duties of “head cook” while Kamille and Jimboy helped him prepare their dinner.

Kyle showed off his culinary knowhow by making burger patties and putting in some seasoning and ingredients to make the dish more flavorful. He tried to teach some cooking tips, but Jimboy proved himself a less than attentive student.

Jimboy put in way too much oil to fry the burger patties. Then when Kyle asked him to cut up a banana to fry with the patties, much cooking oil, he did it so haphazardly that Kyle said he would do it himself. Jimboy then decided to fry the banana slices with the patties which sent Kyle and Kamille scrambling to take them out.

While it may seem that lesson was a failure, the three had fun laughing as they prepared the meal. Jimboy even noticed Kamille’s unique way of laughing which was basically soundless. Kamille assured him that that was how she laughs full blast.