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Barbie in a jealous fit over Bailey and Ylona?
Bailey jokes around with Ylona, pretending to be a crocodile and using his arms as “jaws.” This does not sit well with Barbie who apparently gets jealous. Barbie proceeds to treat Bailey coldly, which upsets the latter.

Kenzo and Kyle give Bailey relationship advice and tell him to apologize to Barbie before the day ends because the situation will only get worse. They said what Bailey did was a big deal to Barbie because they all know Ylona has a crush on him.

At the poolside, Bailey talks to Barbie who keeps her eyes closed as he talks to her. Bailey tells her, “You’re obviously the only one I like here. Because you’re so beautiful.” After failing to get any reaction from Barbie for several minutes, Bailey says again, “You’re the only one I like here and that’s true. You can ask everybody.” He adds, “Ylona, she’s only my friend, I like her as a friend only.”

Barbie remains quiet for several more minutes. This forces Bailey to ask, “What do you want me to do to prove I’m sorry?” After several more minutes of silence, they begin to randomly talk about other things. When Ailah joins them to ask if they had already made up, Barbie replied in the negative. Ailah tries to help them talk it out, and later on Kenzo tries to help as well. It’s only a matter of time before all is well again with Bailey and Barbie.