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Bailey wants to meet Ariana Grande
On PBB 737, Big Brother tasked the housemates to compete in a lip sync battle of One Direction’s What Makes You Beautiful. The winning team will have the chance to be mentored by an unidentified international celebrity.

Hence, when the picture of American pop singer Ariana Grande was shown on the TV screen, the housemates, particularly Bailey, jumped for joy. Apparently, he assumed that the international celebrity was Ariana. Bailey was not able to contain his excitement.

Unknown to them, Big Brother was already talking to Ariana Grande’s impersonator, Nyoy Volante. Singer Nyoy was a grand finalist of the impersonation contest, Your Face Sounds Familiar.

Consequently, the housemates were surprised when they saw Nyoy dressed as Ariana. Nonetheless, they gave their best in performing so they can win the lip sync battle.

In the end, Nyoy chose the team of Ylona, Bailey, Franco and Kyle as he said he really saw their passion to perform. 

After Nyoy have mentored them and left, Bailey expressed his disappointment as he was expecting to see the real Ariana. The next day, a message for Bailey with Ariana’s picture flashed on the TV screen. This made Bailey ecstatic once again. He rushed to the confession room to find a mini-Ariana Grande standee on the couch.

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