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Bailey tries to quiz Barbie on how much she knows about him
Bailey is shocked when Barbie tells him that Kuya let her meet and talk to his mom.

When she told him his mom showed her some pictures of him when he was younger, Bailey asked Barbie to describe it for him. She was vague with her answers though.

The young man then revealed to Barbie that the questions he kept asking her the night before was a task from Kuya so he would get to know her more. Bailey then ended up quizzing Barbie on how much she knows about his family and life in the UK.

Barbie answered most of Bailey's questions but she got stumped when he asked her how he got kicked out in one of his cchools. Bailey revealed that he bit his teacher in the hand when he was 5 because he thought he was a dinosaur.

Barbie laughed and he further revealed that he could not speak a word of English during that time and that he spoke very fluent Bisaya. However, after two months, he forgot speaking in Bisaya as he got addicted to watching TV and learned how to speak English.