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Bailey to Barbie: ‘Gusto ko ikaw’
The closeness of Barbie and Bailey is becoming more apparent even to the other housemates. Ryan told Kuya that for the past two days the two are always together.

The other male housemates also noticed how Bailey and Barbie were always talking and hanging out with each other. They would sit closely together even if the couch has plenty of space for them to sit apart. Bailey would wash dishes with Barbie, although the boys noticed that Bailey was not actually washing dishes but just looking at Barbie.

Then Bailey finally admitted to the boys his feelings for Barbie and they taught him how to express his feelings for her. Bailey also told Ryan that he wanted to express his feelings for Barbie because of the impending eviction night.

Finally, Bailey talked to Barbie and told her, “I kind of like you.” When Barbie asked Bailey to repeat what he said, Bailey said, “I like you. I kind of like you.” He also said, “Gusto ko ikaw.”