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Bailey pisses off Kenzo
On Pinoy Big Brother 737, Kenzo is still trying to keep his distance from Kamille. At one point, Kamille tells him he’s going overboard and Kenzo says it’s hard for him to pretend they are just friends when they both know he has feelings for her.

What’s adding to Kenzo’s stress is his being a leader for the weekly task. Kenzo keeps his eye on Bailey, who keeps falling asleep while they are memorizing the reverse lines for the song Pinoy Ako. Kenzo tells Bailey, “Seriously bro, Kuya’s been scolding us because of you.” He also tells Bailey pointblank that he’s getting pissed off. After the other housemates tell him off, Bailey finally takes the task at hand seriously and begins memorizing the song.

Meanwhile, Jimboy is serious at his “pangangalakal” task so he could give a tricycle to his Dad. While busy gathering and weighing junk, he doesn’t know his Dad came in as a “basurero,” and was very happy to see him.