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Bailey offends Barbie with a personal and inappropriate question
Bailey’s curiosity got the better of him when he asked Barbie a question that deeply offended the Bicolana. While talking to Kuya in the confession room, Barbie admitted that she found Bailey’s question about her “experiences” with her ex-boyfriends “bastos,” adding, “Wala siya respeto.”

Bailey was noticeably troubled as he tried to mend his relationship with Barbie. Ryan, Ylona, and Ailah tried to help him out but Barbie remained firm in her decision to avoid him in the meantime, even telling Ylona, “I don’t like him anymore.”

During dinner, Kenzo revealed exactly what Bailey asked Barbie, that is if she was still a virgin. This shocked the rest of the housemates, especially Ylona who told Bailey that he shouldn’t have done that. “You just can’t ask questions like that.”

Kenzo also expressed his irritation with Bailey for asking such an intimate and personal question, leading to more tension inside the house.

Will Barbie be able to forgive Bailey before one of them has to leave the house come eviction night?