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Baby Barbie?
The housemates sat around the kitchen table drinking coffee and eating snacks while Franco and Ryan were called to the confession room by Kuya.

Kyle was teasing Bailey, asking him to say the name of the housemates which the latter did with the appropriate honorific of “kuya” or “ate” (except in the case of Jimboy whom Bailey jokingly called “ate”).

When Bailey called Barbie “ate”, the other housemates began to tease him and asked shouldn’t he be calling her “Baby Barbie” instead. Bailey didn’t take the bait and went on naming the other housemates.

Kyle then told him to say certain things to the housemates. When Kyle told Bailtu to “Say ‘hi’ to Aila,” Bailey took his instructions literally and replied, “Say ‘hi’ to Aila.” He then proceeded to repeat everything Kyle said.

Kyle decided to trick him by saying, “I love Barbie.” Bailey then replied, “ I love… donuts.”

Looks like the housemates are intent on making Bailey reveal his feelings.