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B and B?
The housemates had random conversations while they were rehearsing for their performance.

During a break in rehearsals, Jimboy and Kenzo compared pecs (pectoral muscles) and briefly talked about working out.

Kyle and Ryan had a discussion about, of all things, menstruation. The two talked about they had to deal with their respective sisters’ periods and the girls chimed in with their own comments.

Ryan talked to Kamille about how he mouthed/said the words “I love you” to Bailey in a playful manner. While Ryan was obviously “kilig,” he said that Bailey already had Barbie since the two were seen being always close to each other. Kamille then told him not to be jealous.

On camera, however, Bailey and Barbie could be seen sharing the hanging seat and the couch. Could there really be something more to this closeness?