The male housemates move to a new place

Roger informed the housemates of a new task given to the boys. “Sa linggong ito, maglalakbay lahat ng lalaki. Kailangan nating mag-impake, good for one week na damit,” he said, adding that they must bring baon too. 

When asked how they feel about their new task, Richard said that they will surely miss the girls.

After they left, the female housemates started to miss them too. “Nakapanibago lang po at saka nakakalungkot. Nakakamiss din po ‘yung kakulitan nila, ‘yung kaingayan po ni Kuya Roger, ‘yung kanta ni Richard. Syempre po Kuya, lahat sila,” Miho said.

Later, while the boys were doing the laundry in their new place, Tommy opened up about how much he misses Miho. “When I think about it, possibly, this might be my last week (in PBB). It sucks kasi I didn’t give her my all (like) trying to talk to Miho, you know I feel like I wasted my time,” he said, adding that he has been singing so much lately because he feels inspired. Moreover, he said, “I’m happy to talk to her. I’m happy to be around her. It brightens up my day. I look forward to seeing her.”


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