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Tommy, Miho, Margo and Zeus are nominated for eviction
A different nomination process aired this Monday night, September 21 on PBB 737.

The housemates underwent a dance endurance challenge where they have to keep dancing and follow the dance steps on the TV screen for hours. Those who would give up will become nominees for eviction.

First to stop dancing was Zeus who was given a massage, burger and fries. Dawn got tired next. After 11 hours, Tommy got emotional as he gave up the challenge. Meanwhile, Zeus and Dawn assisted Miho who fell to the floor and stopped dancing. Margo, on the other hand, had an asthma attack so Big Brother reminded them to be mindful of their health. She eventually gave up the challenge.

After over 12 hours of dancing, Richard, Mikee, Roger and Jameson were declared safe from nomination. Big Brother also gave them the chance to vote who they want to save among the housemates who gave up in the challenge.

Richard chose to save Margo, Roger picked Tommy while Jameson and Mikee chose Dawn. Hence, Dawn was declared “ligtas” for this week’s eviction nomination.

To save your favorite nominated housemate, type BB name of housemate and send it to 2366 for all mobile network subscribers.

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