Tommy admits that he likes Miho more after their road trip
As aired during the September 17 episode of PBB 737, Tommy and Miho started to drive towards the house of Tommy’s grandmother in Las Pinas City.

Consequently, Tommy’s grandmother was very happy to see his grandson. She told Miho that they were teaching Tommy to speak in Tagalog as well.

In a conversation with Big Brother, Tommy said that he feels happy to be able to physically give his gift to his grandmother who said that she likes Miho.  

Likewise, Tommy said that he is happy to see that his grandmother and Miho are getting along well.

After visiting Tommy’s grandmother, the two headed for the house of Miho’s grandmother in Rizal which aired during the September 18 episode of the reality show.

Miho’s grandmother found Tommy handsome and told him to take care of her granddaughter.  

After their road trip, Tommy told Big Brother that he has a bigger crush on Miho now and that he enjoyed her company.

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