Can Team Krizia win the group ‘LigTask’ challenge?
As part of the Big Mission to earn P3 million to build houses for less fortunate families, Team Richard won the PBB 737 Food Fest task as their team was able to earn more than P47,000.00.  

Because Team Krizia, who earned more than P45,000.00, lost in the task, all of its members namely Krizia, Roger, Mikee and Charlhone became nominees for eviction.

However, as part of the Big Yanig, Big Brother gave the nominees a LigTask challenge that they will undergo as a team. They need to survive a maze filled with bells that they should be careful not to ring. If they win this challenge, three of them will be saved from eviction while one will go home. But if they lose, three of them will be evicted while one will be saved.

Can Krizia, Roger, Mikee and Charlhone win over their group LigTask challenge?

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