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How did the housemates react upon meeting Tommy?

In order for new regular housemate Tommy to be released from chains and formally enter Big Brother’s house, Miho must help him by answering the questions written on his back.

Big Brother allowed Miho to ask help from her housemates but they must not know about her secret task. The questions included knowing how many languages Richard speaks, the age of Dawn’s biological mother, Margo’s birth year and the age of Roger’s wife.

Fortunately for the two, Miho was able to ask the housemates and answered all the questions correctly, setting Tommy free. However, the housemates noticed that Miho might be doing a task. As a consequence, Big Brother asked her to teach Tommy how to count from 1 to 100 in Tagalog.

Miho then happily introduced Tommy to the housemates. She also toured him around the house. The housemates noticed Miho’s hyperactive behavior and teased her about it.  

Can Miho successfully teach Tommy to count in Tagalog?

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