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Mr. Bean likes Miho
Mr. Bean’s Kalokalike, Michael Lasac visited Big Brother’s house as aired on the Thursday night episode of PBB 737, August 27.

The housemates received a call from the funny character through the phone booth in the garden area. Unknown to them, Mr. Bean was already inside the confession room, talking to Big Brother and looking for his stuffed toy, Teddy.

The housemates were surprised to see Mr. Bean enter the house. He eventually got his Teddy and then, got to know the housemates.

While bonding with them, Mr. Bean seemed to have developed a crush on Miho. He kept on looking at her and later, even danced with her. He also asked Jyo, who is being linked to Miho, how to court the female housemate.

Mr. Bean also helped Miho in washing the dishes and wiped her hands.

The housemates had to stop Mr. Bean from bringing Miho as he leave the house.

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