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Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla gets emotional while talking to Big Brother
As aired during the Monday night episode of Pinoy Big Brother 737, November 2, former host of the reality show Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla who recently re-entered the house as the third celebrity house guest, also temporarily left.

But before she went out, she gave the housemates words of encouragement.

She told them, “Sana galingan ninyo. Be motivated, remember kung bakit kayo nagpunta dito. Kung ano ‘yung pinaglalaban ninyo, kung ano ‘yung pinagsisikapan ninyo. Good luck, guys and I wish you all the best.”

The actress also got emotional during her conversation with Big Brother. Big Brother said that he never forgot about her and that she is always welcome in his house.

Mariel tearfully said, “Thank you. Big Brother really made a big impact in my life also and I’m forever grateful so I’m here today. No matter what, I’m here to celebrate the ten years with you.”

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