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Housemates star in short film, Trending: Love
Pinoy Big Brother 737 aired the housemates’ two-part short film entitled Trending: Love last October 31 and November 1 on national TV.

The movie which was directed by Jerome Pobocan featured three interconnected love stories.

It first featured the story of Sophie (played by Ylona) and Zach (played by Bailey), a teenage couple who started off on the wrong foot.

Dawn and Zeus showed off their acting skills in the next story as Grace and Mark. Dance competition partners who have fallen for one another, Grace did not want to continue after finding out about Mark’s girlfriend.

The last story revolved around English-speaking Vince (played by Tommy) tutoring Mariko (played by Miho), who’s only proficient in Nihongo and Tagalog, how to speak his language. The language barrier did not prevent them from falling in love.

Appearing in all three stories were balut vendor Roger and regular teenagers Franco and Jimboy.

Meanwhile, 123 people attended the special screening of Trending: Love inside the PBB house. And, in order for the housemates to succeed in this short film weekly task, 75% of these viewers or 93 of them must “like” their show.

After counting all of the votes, the housemates were very happy to learn that they earned 119 “likes” thereby succeeding in the weekly task.

Keep on watching Pinoy Big Brother 737, weeknights at 10 PM and on weekends at 9:45 PM.