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Tommy gets emotional while remembering his father
As part of Teacher Karla’s acting workshops for the housemates, they were asked to talk to photos of people who matter to them.

As such, Miho and Roger cried when they talked to the photos of their children. Meanwhile, Zeus took the opportunity to say how much he loves his father.

But unlike Zeus, Tommy got angry while talking to the picture of his biological father.

The 21-year-old lad said that he hated him as a person. He also said that he was his father’s least favorite and recalled that he used to beat him up.

Still, Tommy, who has a loving family now, chose to forgive his father so he could move on. He also said that his name is Tommy Esguerra and not his father’s surname, Colbert.

This was not the first time that Tommy poured out his emotions while remembering him. It will be remembered that when Teacher Karla asked them to think of a memorable event and person in their life, Tommy thought of his father, releasing the things he wanted to tell him.

Later, Miho told Big Brother that she understands Tommy as she also wonders if her estranged father longs for her as well.

Saying that she wants to help Tommy, Big Brother gave Miho a chance to help her fellow housemate communicate with his father again by playing a game.

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Fortunately, Miho and Tommy successfully accomplished their task. Tommy got surprised to see pictures of his family members and found what Miho did for her as sweet. He also noticed what seems to be a phone number on the gameboard.  

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