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Dawn is the first regular housemate to enter the Big Four
The four regular housemates who took part in the Big Jump to the Big Four were Miho, Dawn, Roger and Zeus.

Each paired with a teen housemate, they have to continuously remove water from their respective boats in the swimming pool for their first challenge.

The boat of Miho and her partner, Franco was the first to sink as the challenge got tougher.

However, Miho did not get eliminated because Zeus and his partner, Bailey got disqualified. Therefore, Zeus was the one who got eliminated from the Big Jump to the Big Four.

For their second challenge, Dawn, Miho and Roger have to finish a maze with the help of their loved ones. Unfortunately for Roger, he was not able to survive the round.

Dawn and Miho competed for the final challenge. They must stand still while holding their respective flagpoles with one hand for as long as they can. The one who stood up the longest without letting go of her flagpole will be declared the first member of the Big Four.

However, during the first few minutes of the challenge, Miho suddenly let go of her flagpole and stretched her arms as she was not aware that the round has already started. As this is clearly a violation, Big Brother asked Dawn if she will allow what Miho did.

Although she can already win the round, Dawn decided to give Miho another chance, starting the challenge all over again.  

As the round got tougher, the two started to feel tired. Several hours later, Miho gave up, leaving Dawn still standing. Hence, she was declared the first regular housemate to make it to the Big Four.

Dawn, who kept on praying and motivating herself throughout the final round, wore the Big Four jacket and received a call from her mother that made her emotional.

Meanwhile, viewers may now vote who among Miho, Roger, Zeus and Tommy they think is deserving to become part of the Big Four.

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