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Zeus apologizes for wanting to voluntarily exit
Because of all the problems that surfaced as the competition intensifies, Zeus considered exiting voluntarily.

Bothered, he talked to Big Brother and told him that he feels confused with what was happening between him and Dawn, as well as with Dawn and Tommy.

He said that he also feels panghihinayang as many people dream of becoming part of Pinoy Big Brother.

Big Brother then said that he has to be strong because in the outside world, he cannot just give up on challenges. He advised him to talk to his housemates so that the burden that he is feeling will lessen.

Meanwhile, Dawn earlier lamented at how everyone thinks that she, who admitted having a boyfriend, is flirting with Zeus while he is to be pitied at. She was hurt that Zeus did not even defend her in front of the housemates when he knows the truth – that he also has a girlfriend. Dawn opened this things to Big Brother who informed her of Zeus’ plan to voluntarily exit.

Dawn then decided to talk to Zeus and convince him not to exit voluntarily.

When Big Brother asked him again, Zeus seemed to be in a better mood. He said that he wants to stay inside the house and apologized for the things he said. Moreover, he will proceed with the Big Jump to the Big Four challenges.

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