Tommy gets disappointed for not being part of Big Jump to Big Four

The 5 regular housemates were tasked to pick 4 of them who will play the “Big Jump to the Big Four” challenges.

Each of them was asked to reveal in front of everyone the housemate that they think is not deserving to become part of the Big 4.

First was Roger who picked Tommy. According to him, Tommy already has a lot of opportunities waiting for him outside PBB regardless if he wins or loses. Roger also mentioned that sometimes, Tommy can be hardheaded.

Next was Tommy who chose Dawn. Aware that she has a boyfriend, Tommy said that he thinks Dawn is playing with Zeus’ emotions, “I think maybe she’s playing him or leading him on.”

Dawn followed who picked Tommy back, describing him as occasionally rude. Moreover, she said that sometimes, she feels that he is only using Miho to draw attention. She said that she is not sure if Tommy has genuine feelings for Miho.

Next was Zeus who picked Miho. “Ang dating sa’kin kasi, parang pag biniro ka ng konti o kinausap ka, parang galit agad. Kaya parang siguro nailang ako na kausapin ka,” he said.

Last was Miho who also chose Zeus. “Sa lahat ng housemates, siya lang ang hindi ko masyadong nakausap at hindi ko siya masyadong nakikilala. Hindi ko rin masyadong ginusto na kilalanin pa siya,” she said.

However, their votes were not finalized yet as Big Brother gave them 3 hours to decide on the final 4 regular housemates who will join Big Jump to Big Four.

Hence, the regular and teen housemates each decided to vote for their 3 most deserving adults.

In the end, Tommy garnered the lowest number of points which means that he will not become part of the Big Jump to Big Four challenges.

This made Tommy disappointed. In his conversation with teen Big Four member Ylona, he said that Dawn is the least deserving of them all. Furthermore, he said that he does not need to explain his love for Miho, remembering that he almost shaved off his long hair for her.

Hence, he decided to approach Dawn, wanting to challenge her for her spot in the Big Jump to Big Four in front of the housemates.

“I’m thinking we can have a debate on why we think each other is less deserving and more deserving in front of everyone else because I believe they only know from what they see in the household,” Tommy said.

Dawn, on the other hand, said, “And I believe that you only believe (in) what you see as well. There are things that you don’t know in this house that’s why you gave the reason you gave me. I’m not giving up my spot for you.”

Back to her conversation with Big Brother regarding Tommy’s comment that she is undeserving for leading Zeus on, Dawn said, “Alam namin ni Zeus and ni kuya Roger na may girlfriend din naman si Zeus. Pinanghahawakan ko lang po ‘yung prinsipyo na nagpromise ako na hindi ko siya sasabihin.

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