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Miho gets emotional as daughter exits PBB house
The Pinoy Big Brother 737 episode this Sunday night, October 18, aired the moment when Miho's daughter Aimi finally left Big Brother's house.

It will be remembered that Aimi, who entered the house as aired last October 15, was no longer present during the live eviction night held last Friday, October 16. That was because she already left earlier that day.

Originally supposed to stay inside the PBB house for two days only, Tommy was able to help extend Aimi's stay after successfully accomplishing his acrobatic act task.

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However, the 5-year-old still has to go after some time so when Big Brother informed Miho about it, she expressed gratitude for letting her daughter stay with her. When asked, she requested that they decorate cupcakes together for their last bonding activity.

The mother and daughter seemed to have enjoyed cupcake decorating that they even sang along to KZ Tandingan's Mahal Ko o Mahal Ako happily. After they finished their bonding time, Miho talked to her daughter privately. Aware that Aimi will now leave, Miho told her not to be sad as she is always thinking of her and that they will be together again. She also reminded Aimi that everything she does is for her and her grandmother.

While crying, the two prayed together. Miho also told her daughter, Iisa lang ang tibok ng puso natin, assuring her that she will always be there for her.

Later, the housemates said their good byes to Aimi as well.

Meanwhile, Big Brother said that he is happy that Miho and Aimi got to spend time together. Thanking Aimi as her strength amazed him, Big Brother told her not to worry and promised that she will see her mother again.

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