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Meet Miho’s sweet daughter, Aimi
Miho’s daughter, Aimi continued bonding with the housemates as aired during the Thursday episode of Pinoy Big Brother 737, October 15.

As such, Aimi said that she likes Tommy and that he is handsome. She even called him, daddy Tommy. Aimi would tease him and her mother as Tommy likes Miho.

She also said that she feels happy as she is often left alone at home. The 5-year-old helped her mother clean the bedroom and do the laundry.

Later, Miho asked her daughter what she did during the summer. According to Aimi, she only experienced swimming in a pool once when she was with Miho as they do not have money. This made her mother emotional.

While Aimi was napping, Miho tearfully told some housemates that she feels pity for her child for not being able to enjoy her childhood because they do not have money.

Tommy then shared that his single mother worked two jobs just to provide for him, adding that what matters is that they love one another.

Meanwhile, Big Brother told Tommy that Aimi only has a day left to spend inside the PBB house. In order to extend her stay, he must successfully perform acrobatic stunts with the help of professional acrobats.

Likewise, when Big Brother informed Miho that there is only one day left for her to be with Aimi, she broke down in tears.

While she did not tell Aimi about Big Brother’s news, Miho was still comforted by her daughter who kept on hugging her.

Aimi also told Miho that she always prays for her to win the reality show contest. Moreover, Aimi said that she is strong and does not cry no matter what, knowing that her mother is there for her. She said that she loves her so much.

In order to help the mother and daughter bond more, Big Brother put up a mini amusement park in the activity room.

Can Tommy help Aimi extend her stay inside the PBB house?

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