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Miho’s daughter to stay inside PBB house
With the help of the housemates, Miho successfully accomplished classes that involved teaching kids how to bake cupcakes and model with a pictorial.

In order to celebrate this, Big Brother asked Miho to hold a graduation ceremony for the kids.

After Miho gave the medals to the kids who eventually left, Big Brother congratulated her and the rest of the housemates for a job well done. To give his award for Miho, he surprised her by sending in her 5-year-old daughter Aimi who gave her a “Best Mom” medal.

Shocked, Miho broke down in tears while she hugs her daughter. Aimi also cried as she missed her mother so much.

Amazed at how much her daughter has grown, Miho introduced Aimi to the rest of the housemates.

Entertaining everyone, Aimi gamely showed off her catwalk skill and posed like a model. She and Miho also sang KZ Tandingan’s Mahal Ko o Mahal Ako.

Aimi, who also knows how to speak in Nihongo, kept on saying “I love you” to her mother. Moreover, she said that her mother and Tommy are “bagay.”

Meanwhile, Miho was not able to contain her happiness when Big Brother allowed her to tour Aimi around the house.

Aimi then happily bonded with the housemates. As such, she decided to dance with Tommy while Zeus and Dawn were teaching her dance steps.

Tearful, Miho told Big Brother that she is very happy to be reunited with her daughter as she missed her so much.

When asked if she wants to stay inside the PBB house with her mother, Aimi answered yes. Hence, Big Brother allowed her to spend time with Miho inside his house.

Consequently, Aimi kept on bonding with the housemates and even tidied the women’s bedroom which she earlier described as messy. She also led the household in praying before meal time.

Later, while the mother and daughter are already sleeping, Big Brother informed Tommy that Aimi will only stay in his house for two days. However, her stay can extend if he accepts and accomplishes his task.

Can Tommy help Miho and Aimi spend more time with each other inside the PBB house?

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