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Jimboy celebrates birthday with family
As part of the housemates’ surprise for teen Big 4 member Jimboy, they hid in the confession room while the birthday boy looked for them around the house.

Realizing that the housemates were nowhere to be found, Jimboy got scared after the lights flickered several times.

While looking for the housemates, Jimboy realized that the activity room became a replica of their house in Nueva Vizcaya.

Upon entering the room, he saw their home furniture. A video featuring his family members in their house in the province also flashed on the big screen. Jimboy, who was observed to be family-oriented, started to become emotional.

Consequently, he became even more surprised when his family entered the activity room so he hugged them tightly. Together, they prayed and celebrated Jimboy’s birthday.

Watching from the confession room, the housemates, particularly Roger and Miho, became teary-eyed as they remembered their respective children too.

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