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Bailey asks Jimboy to tell Ylona that he likes her

As aired during last Saturday’s episode, October 10, Ylona and Bailey played a game and threw questions at each other.

For instance, Bailey asked Ylona if she ever had a boyfriend to which she answered never.

Asking if he prefers a beautiful girl with a bad attitude, Bailey answered right away that he prefers someone who may not be good looking but has the best personality.

Ylona then asked Bailey, “Barbie or Ylona?” Bailey answered, “I have said that a million times that I choose Ylona.” When asked why, he said, “Because I’ve known you longer and you’re the same age as me and we have more in common.”

Likewise, Ylona tried to choose between Bailey and Franco who both dedicated songs for her in their recent karaoke activity. At first, Ylona said that she cannot choose between them as they are both her good friends but later she said, “One of them is a really good friend and one of them is something else.”

As aired on the following episode, October 11, Bailey asked Jimboy to tell Ylona that he likes her. “Just say, “Bailey likes you,” not “in love,” Bailey told Jimboy who informed Ylona.

As soon as Ylona realized what Jimboy told her, she said, “I’m gonna go get tubig.”

Jimboy then informed Bailey how Ylona reacted, saying that she felt kilig.

Watch Jimboy inform Ylona of Bailey’s confession here.

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