Meet the top 10 PBB online housemates

Now on its second season, the primetime reality show contest Pinoy Big Brother gave netizens the chance to become online housemates again through their Facebook application, PBB Online Bahay ni Kuya.

Just like with the television show, registered netizens were given online tasks by Big Brother to be accomplished in the virtual confession room. These tasks included submission of photos, videos and answering various questions, among others. By accomplishing these, the online housemate gets to earn points as his/her work also gets WOW and WEH votes from those who registered in the Online Bahay.

Now, from a pool of netizens who joined the Online Bahay, the final leader board revealed the top 10 online housemates who stayed true to themselves, earned the most points and fulfilled most of the tasks efficiently.

Here are the top 10 housemates of the PBB Online Bahay ni Kuya:

1.    Dave Ely Gonzales Rojas

Nickname: Novem
Province: South Cotabato
Birthday: November 25, 1991
Status: Single

Hailing from Koronadal City, Dave Ely said that although his childhood was filled with poverty, it was fun and worth-remembering.

He lost his father at age 10, entered the seminary at 16 and graduated at 21. Currently, he is getting his MA in Christian Counseling at the Alliance Graduate School.

Dave Ely described himself as, “an extroverted lad who loves to sing and play musical instruments.” He also likes to travel and take pictures of the places he’s been to. Although he is loud and fun-loving, he said that he makes sure that his boundaries are respected and that his privacy is kept.

“I am content for now, as a sojourner in the path of life towards finding meaning, exploring, conquering and undertaking the things that will last,” he said.

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