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Tommy undergoes challenges for Miho

Saying that he is falling for her, Tommy opened up to Big Brother his intention of dating Miho as aired during the September 29 episode of PBB 737. Big Brother then advised him to know the traditional courtship in the Philippines.

Tommy sought the help of Roger who said that traditional courtship involves harana or serenading the woman, as well as asking for her parents’ approval. Tommy said that he is willing to go to Japan if he needs to just to meet Miho’s parents.

Meanwhile, Big Brother informed Dawn about Tommy’s intention of dating Miho. After listening to his confession, Dawn said that he is happy that Tommy seems sincere now, even asking for permission to court their fellow housemate. Big Brother then asked Dawn to become Miho’s guardian while Roger was asked to become Tommy’s guide. 

Pretending to be Miho’s mother, Dawn decided to test Tommy by making him swim 100 laps in the pool. He was also asked to say something special for Miho after every lap. After a while, Miho who was touched by Tommy’s gesture, asked him to stop.


As aired on the following episode, September 30, Tommy and the rest of the male housemates woke the girls up through a harana. Tommy, who cannot hug nor kiss Miho, also did household chores.



Later, Big Brother informed Tommy that he will finally have a date with Miho in the evening. Unknown to him, it will only be a practice date with Roger pretending to be Miho to see if he is really ready to go on a date with her.


Tommy willingly endured the challenges to prove his love for Miho. But can he shave off his long hair for her?Do not miss Pinoy Big Brother 737, weeknights at 10 PM and on weekends at 9:45 PM.