PBB Otso Daily Update: FumiYam presents original composition, helps Mark to have a date with wife

It was indeed a love-filled day for the adult housemates of Pinoy Big Brother Otso! Since it’s Valentine’s Day, Kuya didn’t let the housemates be left behind from the special occasion being celebrated by everyone across the globe.

PBB Otso Day 38: Fumiya at Yamyam, ipinarinig ang kanilang kanta kay Kuya

Inspired by the video blog entry they created a few days ago featuring the Filipino traditional courtship practices, the infallible tandem of Fumiya Sankai and Yamyam Gucong decided to compose a love song. After brainstorming for the tune and the lyrics, they were able to complete and titled it with “Ikaw Ang Pinili Ng Puso Ko”, which they later presented to Big Brother inside the confession room.

He was impressed, but told them to polish it a little bit because they’re about to perform it in a special event inside the house – the date of fellow housemate Mark Obera with his wife.

PBB Otso Day 38: Fumiya at Yamyam, inusisa ang love story ni Mark

As soon as they got back to their bedroom, the dynamic duo quizzed the “Incredible Itay of Compostela Valley” about his and his wife’s lovestory. He enthusiastically reminisced the times she declined him but he refused to give up from winning her sweet “yes”. After they became officially together, the challenge he had to face then was the disapproval of his family. Nevertheless, he just ignored them and staunchly fought for their love.  

PBB Otso Day 38: Daisy, ikinuwento ang pangungulila kay Mark

Unbeknownst to them, the person they were talking about – his beloved wife Daisy – was inside the confession room and being interviewed by Kuya. She wasn’t able to hide how much she misses him and yearns to see him, saying that the longest time they’ve been separated was one week.

Thus, Big Brother told her that he would give them a chance to see each other again, but in one condition. Mark has to finish the special task that would be bestowed to him.

PBB Otso Day 38: Fumiya at Yamyam, dadaan sa hamon kasama si Mark

With the help of the FumiYam tandem, who served as his cupid guides, Mark had to untangle the long red ribbon tousled around the objects located in the activity area by going through the maze and guessing the objects in every station with his blindfolds on.

The two “cupids”, who were hanging mid-air and cladded in their costumes, would be his guides in what he must do throughout the challenge, until he reached the final destination – Daisy.

PBB Otso Day 38: Fumiya at Yamyam, tagumpay sa pagtulong kay Mark

While Fumiya, Yamyam, and Mark were in the activity, the other housemates were busy setting up the venue of the date and cooking Daisy’s favorite dish – pinaupong manok.

After hours of blindly crawling, climbing, and going around, as well as figuring out the random objects Kuya wanted him to guess, Mark finally touched down to the eighth mark and successfully found out that it was his wife with a few touches and sniffs.

The next scene became heartwarming as they kissed, embraced, and greeted each other “Happy Valentine’s [Day]”.

PBB Otso Day 38: Mark, nakasama sa isang date ang kanyang asawa

Since he was able to finish the “Red String Task”, Big Brother told him to change into appropriate attire and gave the couple 64 minutes to have their romantic date. From being his guides, Fumiya and Yamyam transformed into being their friendly waiters and singers as they served them their food and drinks and amused them with the performance of their very own composition.

Before they parted ways again, Kuya reminded them, “Lagi n’yong tatandaan, at ang pinakamasarap na pagmamahal ay ang pag-ibig na pinaghihirapan. Dahil sa huli, ang pag-ibig na pinaghirapan ay ang pag-ibig na lubos na pinahahalagahan. Masaya ako na nahanap n’yo ang pag-ibig na ito sa isa’t isa.”

PBB Otso Day 38: Andre, ikinuwento kay Kuya ang kanyang nararamdaman kay Lou

Apart from the kilig romantic date of Mark and Daisy, what made the Valentine’s Day episode extra thrilling was the heart-fluttering confession of Andre Brouillette about his admiration towards Lou Yanong during his hearty conversation with Big Brother.

What will Andre do with his feelings for Lou? Is he going to tell her or just let the opportunity slip? Let’s all find out in the upcoming episodes of PBB Otso!