PBB Otso Daily Update: Team Bahay wins Second Big Battle; Shawntel, Andre nominated for eviction

Team Housemates and Team Star Dreamers faced each other again in the second Pinoy Big Battle on the March 15 episode of Pinoy Big Brother Otso, wherein they competed onstage in three rounds of performances.

On the first round, the two teams will perform against each other in a clash of Chinese Yoyo skills. They will then compete in another Chinese Yoyo battle in the second round. And, in the last round, both teams should be able to showcase their “Paa-pet Show.” 

Much is at stake in this Second Pinoy Big Battle. If Team Bahay wins, they will get their weekly budget and aside from that, team leaders Kim Franco and Camille Sandel will be official housemates and Shawntel and Andre will be automatically nominated. If the Star Dreamers win, they would bag P80,000 and Shawntel Cruz and Andre Brouillette will be safe for nominations but either Kim or Camille will be leaving the house. To help Big Brother decide the winners in this second Pinoy Big Battle, he invited comedian Wacky Kiray, the Fearless Diva Jonalyn Viray, and the international singing sensations TNT Boys to judge in the competition. 

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Team Bahay was the first to perform in the first round, and Yamyam entered first. The TNT Boys immediately noticed the expressions of Yamyam Gucong during his entrance. However, the judges, especially Wacky noticed the lapse of Kin Franco in the beginning as he was not able to perform successfully the yoyo tricks at the start. But later in their performance, the judges were amazed by Yamyam’s backflip. 

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Meanwhile, the performance of the Star Dreamers was different as they had a role play while performing the yoyo tricks. And they had an evident theme and story for their role play which was good according to Wacky despite the fact that he still felt there was lacking in terms of the “wow” factor.  

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When it was the girl housemates’ turn to perform in the second Chinese yoyo challenge, as expected, Grace Abrugar was not able to successfully catch the yoyo as a part of their tricks. The judges especially the TNT Boys, however, were still amazed by their performance and unity as a group and emphasized to the girls that mistakes will be normal in every performance.

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For the Team Camp Star Hunt’s performance, the judges appreciated the emotions shown by all of them while doing the yoyo tricks. Jona felt like they were passing just the light and love to each other as they performed, although she admitted that there were minor mistakes especially coordination in terms of choreography. 

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Team Bahay was successful in showcasing their version of the “Paa-pet” show. The TNT Boys said they were really entertained by their performance. They were all coordinated and their unity as a group was very obvious. Jona added that she found the concept very cute and for her, it showed how Filipino traditions such as performing the harana, were pushed. The only flaw she noticed was how some people transitioned and changed their positions. Jona said that is something they can work on in their next performances. 

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The Star Dreamers, on the other hand, had a music video-like performance. The judges appreciated their efforts in incorporating their story or concept in their “Paa-pet” show. However, there was just a time where Wakim Regalado had to clear his throat while singing. The TNT Boys also mentioned that at some parts, some wigs covered the face of the puppets. 

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For the first round, it was unanimous decision. All three judges chose Team Bahay for the first Chinese Yoyo performance as they showcased fearless exhibitions and death defying performance. It was also an “astig” performance and it presented a gulat factor according to the judges. 

For the second yoyo challenge, the judges chose Team Camp Star Hunt because of the high level of difficulty in their yoyo tricks. Also, the judges said they felt they were in love with their performance. 

For the Paa-petry challenge, both Jona and TNT boys chose Team Bahay as the winner and Wacky chose Team Camp Star Hunt. According to Jona, Team Bahay’s performance had more impact on her and it was more appealing visually and vocally. For the TNT Boys, it’s still Team Bahay because they found it funnier and more entertaining. However, although Wacky chose the Star Dreamers because of the moral lesson the imparted, Team Bahay won with more votes.

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With Team Bahay winning the Second Big Battle, Kim and Camille are now officially housemates, and at the same time, both Shawntel and Andre are automatically nominated for this week’s eviction night. 

Who between Shawntel and Andre will leave the House? Find out in the next episodes of Pinoy Big Brother Otso.