PBB Otso Daily Update: Adult Big Four on the hot seat

After all Big Brother’s surprises for the Big Four - from their reunion with their loved ones inside the PBB house, to the graduation ceremony, Big Brother had still another huge surprise in store for them. The Big Four faced the King of Talk Boy Abunda, who came to the PBB house to help Big Brother and all of us in knowing more about each of the Big Four. 

Before their session with Tito Boy, the Big Four were given the chance to ask Big Brother any question and afterwards, explained why they came up with that question. It started with Andre asking what Big Brother’s daily routine is like both inside and outside the house. 

Fumiya, on the other hand, was curious about Kuya’s age and he reasoned out that PBB has existed for so long and it’s the same Big Brother we have always heard of, but despite that, his voice is still just as good as before. 

Lou was the next to ask and she questioned if Kuya still gets to rest or sleep because she said they have all been confident to share to Kuya everything so she felt like Big Brother has been stressing about it. 

Lastly, Yamyam asked if he can ever get a hold of Kuya because he wanted to thank him in person.

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After this portion, Tito Boy came in and asked all of them, who is most deserving to be the Big Winner aside from himself or herself. A shocked Yamyam started the ball rolling and answered Fumiya because in his own words, his best friend is the “bridge” between Japan and Philippines. 

Fumiya was the next to answer, and he said Yamyam because if ever he wins, he will really be happy. But Tito Boy further asked Fumiya if he would not be happy if either Andre or Lou wins. Fumiya admitted he will be happy but he will really be happier if his best friend Yamyam wins. Tito Boy asked how Andre and Lou felt with Fumiya’s answer and they said they sincerely respected Fumiya’s answer. 

Andre followed and he chose someone who according to him is very compassionate, patient in the hard times, and knows how to grow as a person and it was none other than Lou. 

Lastly, Lou chose the person who really has had the potential ever since day one and he’s the person who is willing to really work hard for his dreams and shockingly, she meant Yamyam.

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Tito Boy then did his questioning similar to his Fast Talk segment at the end of his daily late night talk show, Tonight with Boy Abunda. First on the hot seat was Lou and Tito Boy’s scorching questions and her unforgettable answers were: From one to ten, gaano kagaling humalik si Andre? 10; Sino ang huling taong pinagselosan mo [kay Andre]? Tori; One trait na meron ka na wala tatlong kasama mo? Ganda

Next who did the fast talk was Yamyam and Tito Boy’s probing questions and his honest answers were: Maging pogi o maging mayaman? Maging mayaman; Pag-aaral o pag-aartista? Pag-aaral; Maging batch winner o magkaroon ng mabangong paa? Maging batch winner.

Andre was next and Tito Boy’s intriguing questions and his sensible responses were: Love or career? Love; Sex before marriage? No; Yes or No, living together before marriage? Yes.

And the last was Fumiya and Tito Boy’s interesting questions and his memorable answers were: Taken or single? Single; Japanese or Filipina? Japanese; 10 million yen or become the batch winner? Become the batch winner.

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For the next round, Tito Boy gave specific characteristics and for each, he or she gets to rank a fellow Big Four placer based on that trait. For the first one, Tito Boy asked the housemates to rate who they think was the most authentic, or the one who was the most honest inside the PBB house, with one being the highest and four being the lowest. 

For Yamyam, it was himself as the first, Fumiya as the second, Andre as the third, and Lou as the last. For Andre, it was Yamyam who was the realest, hearing his life stories growing up and still pushing through; number two for Andre was Lou because she has a very genuine family and has a good upbringing so he believes she’s genuine; third for Andre was himself and last was Fumiya but did not explain further why. 

Fumiya was next to reveal how he rated the Big Four. The most genuine among the four according to him was Yamyam because he is very pure-hearted, second was Andre because he said he is very chill just like him; third is Lou because he said she’s very outspoken; and last was himself. Lastly, here’s how Lou rated themselves as to how authentic and real they are: 1 - Yamyam, 2 - Andre, 3 - Fumiya, 4 - Lou.

Next characteristic was being a bad influencer. The first to rate Big Four based on this characteristic was Yamyam. According to him, the one who became the worst influencer was Lou because of her laziness in doing household chores. Andre was the second, Fumiya was the third and he himself was the last. 

For Fumiya, it was also Lou who was the worst influencer because of her laziness; second was Andre and then Fumiya himself because he admitted he tends to be lazy sometimes also, and last was Yamyam because he admitted his best friend would always mop even though he finds it weird.  

For Andre, it was himself who became the worst influencer because he admitted there came a point when he could not control alcohol intake; number two was Yamyam, next is Lou, and last is Fumiya. 

Lastly, here’s how Lou rated his fellow Big Four housemates for this characteristic: number one was herself because of the alcohol incident that Andre also mentioned, number two is Andre, three is Fumiya and last is Yamyam.

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In the final round, the Big Four were divided into groups of two with Yamyam and Fumiya in one and Lou and Andre in the other. They were given a chance to ask three questions to their partners. 

First to ask was Yamyam. His first question to his partner Fumiya was “Of all the challenges we had to do, was there ever a time when you got mad at me?” Fumiya admitted that he never got mad at him because they were together all throughout those challenges.  Fumiya then asked Yamyam to state the three things he does not like about him [Fumiya] and the reasons why. However, Yamyam could not state any as he said he understands and knows Fumiya a lot. 

Afterwards, Yamyam also asked the same thing to Fumiya and he admitted that it was Yamyam’s “gas” or bad breath that he does not like about him. Fumiya then asked Yamyam, “Who is better, you or me?” Yamyam said it was he because of the trust he gives himself. 

When it was Lou and Andre’s turn to ask each other questions, it revealed so much about the current state of their relationship. When Lou asked Andre if there was another girl in the house that he liked before, Andre said there was no one. Andre then asked Lou in return about the characteristics she is looking for in a boyfriend. Lou said he has to be patient, honest, family-oriented, God-fearing, and caring. 

The past issue of them having more than enough alcohol intake and the kissing issue were also brought up and Lou asked if Andre ever regretted it even just for a second. Andre responded that no, he did not. Andre said it was something he wanted to save for the right time but he knew he had more than enough tequila in his blood during that time, but he did learn from it. 

Andre’s next question to Lou was “How do you know when you’re falling in love already?” Lou responded that it is when she’s feeling nervous and at that time, Tito Boy asked her if she was feeling that way, and Lou admitted she was. When it was her turn to ask her last question, she asked Andre if they would still be the same as they were inside the house once they leave it. Andre, with full confidence, answered yes because he believes they’re both honest with each other and he knows they can work things out. 

Andre’s third and last question for Lou finally revealed their current relationship status. At first, Andre told Lou how he has learned a lot more about her, telling her how he felt that they have gotten a lot closer. Andre said he can trust Lou, and he feels they talk about anything and work anything out. Andre finally admitted that he’s falling in love with Lou. With that, he finally asked Lou if she can be his girlfriend. Without a doubt, Lou finally said yes.

What’s next for the Adult Big Four? Let’s find out in the next episodes of Pinoy Big Brother Otso.