PBB Otso Daily Update: Kuya gives housemates two ‘hearty’ tasks

For the fifth week of the Pinoy Big Brother Otso adult housemates inside the house, Kuya bestowed them a weekly task that’s related to the occasion we are all celebrating – Valentine’s Day.

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For this task, the housemates need to build a broken heart in the middle of the pool out of the red styrofoam blocks scattered around the garden. Nobody are allowed to dip in the pool to support the structure and the blocks should only be stacked with the use of any material any method they’re going to come up with. Besides, everyone must be in their cupid costumes while doing the task.

In order for them to win, they should be able to finish it within the week and it must erect for 88 seconds without anything or anyone supporting it.

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As they began, excitement was evident among them, and they slowly became tense as almost everyone seemed to have their own suggestions on how to do it that irked the other housemates.

Having experience in construction, Mark Obera proposed to task leaders Mitch Talao and Tori Garcia for them to segregate the blocks first according to size before proceeding to the building the broken heart.

Andre Brouillette came up with the idea of using the pool cleaner to bring the blocks on the platform situated in the middle of the pool and the other housemates came in tow with sticks to prevent the pile of blocks from falling due to the blowing wind. But the blocks were still knocked down.

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To make them more motivated with their task, Big Brother showed the housemates a video interview with Dr. Marevie Leon Bala, a pediatric cardiologist from the Philippine Heart Center regarding the aid they give to children suffering from various heart ailments and the additional materials they needed. This includes toys and reading materials that will surely spark joy to the patients and help hasten their recuperation. What they had seen truly melt the heart of the housemates and inspired them to win the task.

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It was later revealed that the opportunity of extending their held depends on the three nominees for this week – Tori, Mark, and Wakim Regalado – who were summoned by Kuya to the confession room to discuss their special task.

For them to be able to provide the extra materials for the playroom of the Children’s Services Ward, the three of them had to transfer the hearts from the first station located in the pool area to the poles with varied sizes scattered inside the house. They used “lips” attached to the rods they had to insert to their mouths.

Every heart that they’ll successfully transfer is equivalent to P500-worth of gifts that will all go to the Philippine Heart Center playroom. If they’re able to finish all the 40 hearts, it would be equivalent to P20,000.

Wakim and Tori were the first ones to try it, but to no avail. But when it was Mark who teamed up with her, they were able to deliver the first heart perfectly.

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The nominees were seemingly able to get the proper technique to finish their task easily but in the long run, exhaustion had already struck them. Nevertheless, they still continued until they reached the 25th heart.

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Despite the difficulty they encountered, not to mention having to stay intact together as they place the remaining hearts to the remaining poles in the last 88 minutes, Wakim, Tori, and Mark were able to finish the task!

Because of their success, the kids of Philippine Heart Center will surely be happy and feel loved this Valentine’s Day.