PBB Otso Daily Update: 3 housemates face house challengers in ‘grilling session’

In the 14 years of Pinoy Big Brother, it has been a tradition to put the remaining housemates of every edition in a ‘grilling session.’ This is to gauge their authenticity and sincerity as a candidate leading up to the highly coveted Big Winner finish, or to be a part of the Big 4 at least, which could help the public decide who among them should they support.

WATCH: Shawntel, sinagot ang maiinit na tanong laban sa kanya

Just like in the previous seasons, Kuya tapped ex-housemates and this year’s lineup of house challengers to take over the mentally and emotionally challenging chore of asking the Big 4 candidates harsh and personal questions. The housemates could either answer courageously and truthfully or refuse to discuss and push the red button in front of them as an act of surrendering.

But this time, Big Brother put a terrible twist – asking the remaining official housemates to submit the most treasured possessions they brought inside the house which would be burned in front of them once they decided to give up in the ‘grilling’.

In the last night’s episode, Shawntel Cruz was the first to undergo the grilling. She admitted feeling jittery at the onset but stunned everyone with how she bravely and consistently stuck to her responses and beliefs, especially when criticized regarding her romantic feelings towards ex-housemate Hanie Jarrar. The panel forced her to press the red button as a sign of her sincere apology to his girlfriend to no avail, as she still chose to keep the precious ring her mom gave her.

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Next in line was Andre Brouillette, who tried everything he could to protect the necklace his mom gifted him when he was only 12 years old. Since his unmistakable and indestructible cohesion with Lou Yanong, particularly their torrid kissing scenes in one of their parties, totally created a hullabaloo in the outside world, the house challengers incessantly bombarded him with questions regarding their relationship and how he’s still fit to be the Big Winner in spite of the mistakes he did.

Amidst of the ‘amazing accusations’ they hurled against him, the “Amazing Alo-Hunk of Hawaii” failed them by not pushing the red button.

PBB Otso Day 78: Lou, diretsahan sinagot ang mga tanong laban sa kanya

Lou’s turn came after, presenting to the panel the necklace her Daddy Michael gave her when she celebrated her birthday inside the house recently. Just like Andre, they also attempted to provoke her by asking her over and over again about their romance and how she still deserves to be the Big Winner after the controversial things she did inside the house.

Although she already got emotional in the latter part of the face-off, she was able to get over it and triumphantly went back to the house.

As Shawntel, Andre, and Lou were able to get through the tough and abrasive questions they threw at them, will the house challengers still succeed in taking home the P40,000 prize for their chose charity in the continuation of their interview with Yamyam Gucong, Fumiya Sankai, and Thea Rizaldo? Watch the next episode PBB Otso to find out!