PBB Otso Daily Update: Housemates elated in reunion after duel challenges

As the housemates bid goodbye to each other, it was so evident how their relationship with each other even deepened, showing us how their friendship has come a long way.

After Fumiya Sankai, the three other nominated housemates were called to go to the confession room. Lou Yanong, JC Gamez, and Yamyam Gucong were told that the fourth duel challenge just ended with best friends Andre and Fumiya battling with each other. They were asked to go to the activity area to find out who lost in the duel challenge. When they all took their blindfolds off, they saw Fumiya. Fumiya himself was so surprised and could not believe that his friends were there. The three then told him that even though they all lost to their respective challenges, they are still not evicted. Fumiya would be confused at first but the three explained that it’s not over for them and they are still in, that they are still official housemates. Fumiya even thought that his best friend Yamyam was already at Bohol watching all the housemates left in PBB House.

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Just when we’ve thought the news sank in already for Fumiya, we were wrong, because until they went inside the confession room, he was still asking Kuya what his “Sayonara” was for. But in the end, Fumiya was very thankful to Kuya for giving them another chance to be his housemates, even though they failed to success in their respective challenges. Kuya emphasized that they are given one more opportunity to prove themselves as housemates. The four really could not put into words how grateful and thankful they are for it.

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Big Brother revealed to the four housemates that they still have one remaining task to accomplish which will still test their strengths and abilities. They had to do the bottle flipping challenge wherein they have to flip all 88 bottles with colored water and make them stand on all four tables. Big Brother reminded them that it was still crucial for them.

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When the four housemates were already inside the activity area to begin with the challenge, they had to talk about their strategy first which was to figure out who flips more bottles at the back part and front part of the table. Andre Brouillette admitted that the hardest part about the challenge was flipping the first few bottles. He said everybody was just throwing the bottles but no one actually made even one bottle stand. But when Andre got to make it for the first time, he realized that the technique was not throwing it too fast but holding it like a feather and just letting it go.

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Later in the challenge, Mary Grace Lagos suggested that they should think of another strategy because what they were doing was not really working. Hanie then got to think of one so he asked Andre to hold him so he can be closer to the table. He thought it could work but it still did not. So the four of them decided to take a rest and with it, they actually got to remember the strategy they used during their crayons challenge wherein they used towels. This time, they used that strategy, tying the towels together to make a rope which will be put around their waist. And fortunately, this strategy worked and let them finish stronger that day.

Little they know that the four other housemates were also tasked to do the same challenge and were actually able to watch the strategies they were doing. So Fumiya, Lou, Yamyam, and JC were able to conceptualize strategies and practice them.

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In Camp Star Hunt, after their task as being water aerobic instructors, Team Thea which includes Thea Rizaldo, Kin Franco, Shawntel Cruz, and Lyndon Oros, was able to win over Team Mark which includes Mark McMahon, Camille Sandel, Grace Abrugar, and Kim Franco. Team Thea got 15 votes from their students because they were concluded the more effective instructors. Meanwhile, Team Mark got six points from the students. Team Mark, however was able to make more exercise combos in 10 minutes than Team Thea. But in the end, Team Thea prevailed as they were chosen by their supervisor as the team who executed more properly what they learned from the training. 

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Team Thea experienced an island party as their reward and Team Mark gave service to Team Thea.

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Later during the island party, it was noticeable that Lyndon was very quiet and seemed like he was bothered. People then started asking what the 75% of his personality is about. Before finally revealing his true character or personality, he admitted that he felt afraid of people’s  judgement and criticisms. But after that, he finally became true to everyone and most especially to himself, opening up that he is gay. When everyone found out about it, they were so proud of Lyndon and even told him that nothing will change, whatever his sexuality may be. 

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At the middle of the challenge, Big Brother announced that they only have 88 minutes to finish the challenge. The team found it hard to execute the bottle flipping for the tables at the back, but they fought until the end and did not give up.

When it was the other group’s turn, they were also confused and were not able to make up their minds about what strategy to use. Fumiya even admitted that the tables were far and they it was really difficult to control the flipping of the bottle. In the end, they were dismayed that they did not make it but what was more important for them was the fact that they fought until the end.

When the two groups finally saw each other in the activity area, all of them could not contain their happiness. They immediately ran to and hugged each other like long lost friends. Moreover, Big Brother announced that it was their 8th week inside the PBB house. Also, Big Brother announced that all of them are still official housemates, although Fumiya, JC, Lou, and Yamyam are officially nominated.