7 times PBB Otso housemates showed selflessness for their families

Apart from the new faces and new stories that every batch bring to the avid viewers of the reality show Pinoy Big Brother, what makes us excited about each season are the tasks that Kuya would bestow to the housemates -- may it be special nor weekly tasks.

While weekly tasks should be accomplished as a one, big team, special tasks, on the other hand are given to a certain housemate which he/she can do alone, with companion, nor with the help of all his/her comrades. Since nothing in this world can be acquired for free, as well as in order to teach the housemates the value of sacrificing for their fellows, especially for their beloved families, Kuya wanted them to work hard for every reward they asked or he would offer to them.


Life had been very tough for the family of Teen Batch 1 housemate Seth Fedelin when his dad suffered from a stroke. Since then, they depended on the monetary aid they received from his grandparents and the salary he got from being a pool cleaner.

Thus, in pursuit of assisting them to continue their patriarch's medication, Big Brother vowed to help them with Seth having to accomplish his tasks. First was to fish out the 1000 domino pieces submerged in the water through the use of a long, heavy pipe with a for on its head. Last was the basketball shootout wherein he exceeded the 88 point mark.

Because of this success, Seth wasn't only able to provide the financial and medical needs of his father, but he was also able to see and embrace him as well.


After a series of secret tasks which he successfully completed, Big Brother bestowed Rhys Eugenio the reward he promised him -- being able to see and chat with his US-based Lolo Henry and Lola Angelita through video call. His grandfather assured him that he's doing fine so he didn't have to worry and advised him to just focus on what he's doing.


Having moms who both work as domestic helpers, Kuya wanted Kaori Oinuma and Karina Bautista to experience at least a portion of what their mothers go through everyday working abroad and to realize their sacrifices and hardships just to give them a better life by tasking them to serve their housemates and do other chores he would give them. In between their tasks, Kuya let them hear the voices of their respective moms to strengthen and motivate them.



Unbeknown to adult housemate Apey Obera, a sibling of her who she had not seen for a very long time also joined PBB Otso, but was still a Star Dreamer -- Mark Obera.

But it took days before Big Brother let them meet, until the right time came. After accomplishing the special challenge given to her with the help of her housemates, she was bestowed the chance to finally see her Kuya Mark in a makeshift room that looked like her house.



For her to be able to see her beloved Baby Eros, the Trans-Mama of Lucena did everything she could in the special task given to her by Kuya, in which she had to collect the objects belonged to her son that were hidden and taken away by the "grim reaper". She indeed succeeded in the end and was able to see, hug, and introduce Baby Eros to the housemates.



It might be her birthday, but Kuya didn't spare Lou Yanong from doing a challenging task in exchange of a delightful treat. Since she's a model, Big Brother turned her into a human mannequin that the housemates had to dress. As she stationarily stood on the platform, her Daddy Michael surprisingly went in and came to her to give her a tight and warm embrace, as well as their family's birthday present for her.

Living here in the Philippines all by himself, the Konnichi-wonder Vlogger of Japan has found a second family in his friends in the outside world and in his housemates. As he spent his birthday inside the house, Kuya gave the housemates a chance to bestow him a special surprise by giving them a special challenge. Aside from a cake, Fumiya also received another precious gift -- the surprise appearance of his family.


These selfless acts of the housemates only show that we can do everything, even the unimaginable, as long as we have faith in God and ourselves and we do it for the ones dear to us.