PBB Otso Daily Update: Graduation rites for Adult Big Four

After Big Brother surprised Andre and Yamyam with the visit of their parents as a gift to celebrate their inclusion to the Adult Big Four, it was Lou and Fumiya’s turn to receive their own “rewards”.

Lou did not expect that her sister, Nikki Yanong, was the one who came to surprise her. When Big Brother congratulated Nikki about her sister being a part of the Big Four, Nikki said the whole family is so proud of Lou. She said that her sister is really deserving to be part of the Big Four especially seeing how, for the past few days, Lou has been struggling physically, emotionally, and mentally.

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So when Nikki came out of the confession room, Lou ran to her right away and was in disbelief when she saw her sister. In the living room, Lou introduced her sister to the rest of the Big Four, saying that Nikki has really been like a parent to her ever since. Later, Nikki already gave Lou the gift she wanted her to use for her new beginnings. And Lou was very happy as she received a canvas from her sister because she really likes to paint.

After surprising Lou with the visit of her sister, Big Brother talked to Fumiya’s close friend, Akio Maruyana. Akio told Big Brother how his friendship with Fumiya started. When Fumiya came to the Philippines to study English about two years ago, they both happened to live in the same apartment. When asked about what he feels now that Fumiya is finally part of Big Four, Akio said he’s very, very happy and proud of him because he knows it’s his friend’s dream, adding that he cannot wait to celebrate it with him. 

Later after Big Brother and Akio’s conversation, Fumiya was called to go to the confession room. As soon as Fumiya entered, he saw a gift and immediately thanked Kuya. He even thought that it was from his family. Kuya however apologized to Fumiya for not having someone from his family to visit him. But as soon as Fumiya left the room, he went to the living room and saw his close friend Akio. 

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Fumiya was beyond surprised when he saw his great friend as he shouted in disbelief, constantly saying he did not expect Akio to be there. 

It was funny seeing Yamyam so confused when the two both spoke in Japanese. Yamyam told Kuya that even though he didn’t understand what they said, he just concluded that everything was good between them as they looked happy meeting each other again after quite a long time.

Fumiya then told them how he and Akio met, saying that his friend really changed his life and helped him discover and love the Philippine culture more. And Fumiya was thankful to the cap that Akio gave him, considering that he really loves wearing caps.

That, however, was not Kuya’s only surprise for the Big Four because he actually prepared for a graduation ceremony to celebrate the journey that they have been through inside the PBB House. And not only that because in the graduation ceremony, there were two special Kapamilya stars who visited the ceremony. It looked like an actual graduation ceremony as the Big Four wore togas and each of them was tasked to make three awards for the three of the Big Four.

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Later on, Big Brother told Fumiya that he was going to be the one to fetch the two visitors from the confession room. After that, Fumiya practiced how to say “Ikinagagalak kong makilala kayo.” And while Fumiya was preparing, Big Brother was talking already to the visitors who were none other than the Eerie stars Bea Alonzo and Charo Santos-Concio. 

When Fumiya entered the confession room and saw their lovely visitors, he was surprised but successfully uttered “Ikinagagalak kong makilala kayo” and both Bea and ma’am Charo were amazed by it.

Just when the ceremony was about to start, it seemed like Yamyam could not focus properly because he was too overwhelmed with the presence of their visitors. Andre was the first who went up to the stage to give the three awards. 

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Andre first bestowed Yamyam “The Worthy Man” award because of his being studious, smart and dedicated. Andre reveals also that he has shown him that he is very trustworthy and that he protects his friendships. The next award was the “Proud Of Ya, Fumiya” award. Andre said that Fumiya is a quick learner and that it’s good to see how they both stay positive and confused together. He gave his last award to Lou for being strong and loving. According to Andre, Lou pushes her limits and as how Andre put it, she’s the sunshine in the typhoon. 

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Yamyam was the next to go up to the stage. The first award he gave was the “Kindre brother” title for Andre as he was kind and true to him. He then named Lou as his “Lou-vely sister” ever since they entered the Big Brother House. And his last was the “spiritual brother” award which was for his best friend inside the house, Fumiya. Yamyam tells everyone that even if he and Fumiya are different in a lot of ways, they still do understand and love each other like brothers.

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Fumiya was next, giving Lou his first award for being a strong sister. Fumiya admits that Lou is younger than him but she is like his big sister who does not give up and is persistent in fighting. He then gave his next award to Andre for being that cool guy who’s always there to help him. Finally, Fumiya bequeathed the “Oh My Gas” award to his best friend Yamyam because as he explained, Fumiya would always smell Yamyam’s “gas” and would always ask him if he had brushed his teeth. But kidding aside, Fumiya tells everyone how he considers Yamyam as his brother, saying that even if they will be going outside the house, he will still continue to support his best friend

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The last to give awards was Lou and the first one was the “What do you think” award that was handed to Fumiya as he’d always ask “What do you think?” She also reveals that during tasks, Fumiya would always be one of the first people to really get to know her. The second was the “Hold hold” award, which she gave to Yamyam. Lou says that she came up with that term because Yamyam is the one she would always remember during hardships because he is that person who would just hold on to his dream and continue to fight for himself, for his family, and for his friends. And the last was the “Minsan Lang Ang Buhay” award or the “Yolo” award which was of course given to Andre, whose being a special part of her life right now was a shock for her, as she did not expect that he would help her in calming every storm that went her way. 

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In the end, both Bea and ma’am Charo congratulated them all for making it this far. Bea emphasized that being in the Big Four would mean big responsibilities. She said that they now have now the platform to inspire people.

And lastly, ma’am Charo said that each of them is very inspiring, especially to the youth. She stressed that they should never take their blessings for granted and to plant the right seeds now - the seeds of patience, the seeds of perseverance, and the seeds of never giving up.

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