PBB Otso Daily Update: Team Andre wins special task, Yamyam’s group faces conflict

On the final day in preparation for the Weekly Task, the three teams under the leadership of Wakim Regalado,

Yamyam Gucong and Andre Brouillette continue to give all their efforts. And while working on their performances, the housemates face different issues which they need to settle in order to succeed.

Along with that, the PBB housemates needed to adjust to some major changes inside the house. How they are letting themselves be affected with these sudden changes is what we were able to witness in last night’s episode.

WATCH: Andre at Lou nangako na susuportahan ang isa’t isa

Before the lights went off, Andre saw Lou Yanong alone by the pool. After he approached and sat beside his special girl, Andre talked to Lou about the stressful events that occurred in his team. As Lou tried to encourage Andre, they both promised to support each other even though they belong to different teams.

WATCH: Kuya, naghanda ng bagong hamon para sa housemates

Apart from the Weekly Task that the housemates were preparing for, Big Brother gave a Special Task, which tested the teamwork and coordination of each group. While there is no time limit for this challenge, whoever finished it first will receive a special advantage in their Weekly Task.

Meanwhile, Big Brother also declared a new rule which aims to promote camaraderie between each team. Unless Big Brother allowed them, no housemate should talk to a person who belong to another team for the meantime.

WATCH: Team Andre, panalo sa special task ni Kuya

Upon seeing how the challenge looked like, each group formed their own strategies on how they will accomplish the task. Among the three teams, Team Yamyam struggled the most. They finished last with 10mins and 37secs on the clock, while Team Wakim came in second by finishing the challenge in just 3mins and 35secs. Finally, Team Andre won the challenge in just 3mins and 30secs.

WATCH: Teacher Mickey, sinabihan si Andre matapos ang kanilang practice

Going back to their preparations for the Weekly Task, dance mentor Mickey Perz and aerial coach Kristel De Catalina decided to get stricter with the housemates as they focused on the aerial part of the performances. Team Andre rehearsed first and by the end of their rehearsal, mentor Mickey couldn’t help but speak about his offensive judgement on what happened between Andre and Mary Grace Lagos.

WATCH: Teacher Kristel, pinaalalahanan sa practice ang Team Wakim

After Andre’s team, it was Team Wakim turn to have their rehearsal. In the middle of it, coach Kristel can’t help but notice the distant attitude of the team towards each other. By the end of their rehearsal, coach Kristel told Team Wakim that they must be more supportive of each other. Coach Kristel emphasized that more than her, they are responsible in helping their teammates.

WATCH: Teacher Mickey, nadismaya sa teamwork ng grupo ni Yamyam

Finally, Team Yamyam gets to rehearse for their performance. Although Yamyam, Mitch Talao, and JC Gamez are all trying their best to do well, they still had so many errors in their rehearsal. Being dismayed about this, mentor Mickey pointed out their lack of coordination due to being silent and not communicating with each other. With this, Yamyam spoke about being frustrated on Mitch’s mistakes.

WATCH: Mitch, nasaktan sa paninisi ni Yamyam

Recalling what happened in the rehearsal, Mitch opened to Big Brother about being offended and feeling embarrassed because of what Yamyam did. Mitch agreed to what mentor Mickey told them about communicating with each other and helping each other to improve as a team, instead of just pointing out each other’s mistakes and blaming each other.

WATCH: Yamyam, humingi ng sorry sa kanyang nasabi kay Mitch

Having an unresolved issue between them, Mitch approached Yamyam to talk about what happened and about what they need to change in their team. Knowing that he offended Mitch, Yamyam gave a sincere apology. Subsequently, Team Yamyam promised to communicate with each other more so they can improve their team’s performance.

As they get much closer to the day of their performance for their Weekly Task, will the housemates be able to work harmoniously to win as a team? Or will their established friendly bond diminish because of the test? What will be Team Andre’s advantage for winning the Special Task? All these will be answered as we continue to watch Pinoy Big Brother Otso!