PBB Otso Daily Updates: Housemates help Yamyam fulfill his dream

While there are youths out there who take their education for granted to engage themselves in unproductive activities or decided to quit school to focus on earning money to support their family, there are still those who relentlessly persevere in order to gradually achieve their ambitions by juggling studying and working – just like the droll yet gumptious housemate Yamyam Gucong.

Instead of hampering his dream, the extreme poverty he  and his family have experienced as he grew up only motivated him to work hard and endure every challenge that life will throw at him and fulfil his far-flung dream of graduating in college.

In his hearty conversation with Kuya aired in the January 28 episode of Pinoy Big Brother Otso, the 25-year-old “Iskulit Bai of Bohol” imparted to Kuya how naughty yet thoughtful he was when he was still little.

Isa po akong makulit na estudyante. Noong nag-aaral ako ng elementarya nakita ko ang mga magulang ko na nahihirapan talaga sa buhay namin. No’ng Grade 5 ako,napag-isip-isip ko na magtrabaho nalang muna; doon ako sa Cebu nagtrabaho Kuya,” he started off.

There, he worked as construction worker, bread vendor, and scalper for six years since he was 11 years old and only went back to school when his parents seemingly could already handle their expenses. So when asked what fuels his motivation, he said that it is his yearning to learn more and boosting his self-esteem.

“Very important po sa akin ‘yong bumalik sa pag-aaral Kuya kasi kapag mag-aral ka talaga, ang dami-dami mong malalaman. Sabi nila, mas lamang kung may alam. Kailangan ko nang ganitong skills, improvement sa aking sarili, communicate well, confidence. And also, kapag may pinag-aralan ka, hindi ka inaapak-apakan ng iba,” he stated.

Thus, in order for him to pursue his studies, Kuya dared Yamyam to a challenging yet hilarious task and let him choose one fellow housemate to help him out – and it was none other than his spiritual brother and ultimate partner in crime Fumiya Sankai.

The “Laughteam”, as how their followers call them, made us, the housemates, and themselves as well , laugh out loud  with how their faces got distorted while wearing the stockings on to their heads as they pick out the pages of the book he needs to review, while clad in his college uniform. He also requested other housemates to try the challenge too, except Mitch Talao and Andre Brouillette, and successfully compiled the pages.

It was also in this episode when Big Brother quizzed the pure Japanese with a Filipino heart housemate about why he loves vlogging, in relation to his current special task of creating a series of video blogs about the Filipino culture while inside the house and with the help of his housemates, most especially his chosen partner Yamyam.

Of course, since it's FumiYam we're talking about here, they once again made our stomachs ache with their hilarious conversation while inside the confession room and Kuya was asking about the progress of their task.